Sand Pads (Tank Foundations)


Pad dimensions vary but essentially 2 metres larger than the tank diameter, 150mm to 200mm minimum depth and must be level.

A level tank base built with free draining sand, free of stones and other debris plays a critical part in getting the best out of your tank. Not only does it enable the construction crew to get the tank level – it will also help to accommodate some further ground movement without affecting the tank and liner in the same way that poorer quality fills would. Moisture against the tank walls is the primary cause of corrosion and the use of free draining sand becomes even more critical.


To get the most out of your tank and to ensure the longevity of your investment it is essential the following is observed:

•    Tank sand pad must be level and flat 150mm-200mm thick (not compacted)
•    Tank sand pad must be at least two metres wider than tank diameter
•    Tank sand pad must be free of stones, sticks and other debris
•    Sloping sites require drainage to be provided to divert water away from the tank.  A retaining wall may be required to maintain pad integrity
•    Aggregate must be placed around the tank to stop erosion and comply with warranty conditions



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