Advice for choosing a pump for your water tank


For effective rainwater harvesting, the water tank itself is only some of the equipment you will need. A good pump that’s up to the water requirements of your household is an essential part of a system that will work as it should, and supply the right amount of water pressure to the number of different outlets. Not all pumps do the same job, so this is a very important thing to get right.

The Tank Specialists give some simple advice in this post on how to choose the best pump to go with your water tank, however we encourage you to ask questions to your rainwater tank pump supplier to guide you further through the process. 

What is the pumping performance?

Factors to consider:

It’s essential that your pump can comfortably deliver water to the number of outlets in the home connected to rainwater. Depending on the size of your tank and how many outlets connected will depend on what pumping performance is needed.

If there is a likelihood that numerous outlets (e.g taps, sprinklers, washing machines and toilet cisterns) will be regularly used simultaneously, a more powerful pump than a standard will be needed.

Distance between the rainwater tank and the furthest outlet is another consideration. Depending on the distance and if there is an incline for the water to travel can also determine the power that the pump will need to generate.

Some pumps can be somewhat noisy, so if there are bedrooms near the pump is operating, the noise output can also be another factor to influence what model you go with.

Brand Reputation

Like most things you can buy, not all pumps are created equally. For this reasons we strongly recommend investing in a manufacturer that produces pumps known for their reliability. It’s worth doing your research, going online and reading reviews and of course asking us at The Tank Specialists some of the models and manufacturers we would recommend to suit your needs.

It’s also worth asking neighbours or friends with rainwater tanks what their experience is with their pump.

A good manufacturer will also provide local support and assistance if anything goes wrong they will send someone to your property. Look for an ‘in-field’ warranty to cover yourself if issues do occur.

We hope this has helped give an idea of the things that should be assessed when choosing a pump for your water tank. For more advice about building, buying and connecting a rainwater tank, call The Tank Specialists in Bundaberg today on (07) 4974 7333


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